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Song : Not afraid to fall

Maybe I drank too much Maybe just not quite enough Grab me another glass,another bottle I like it better on the rocks Please be patient with me  I've been hurt too much My soul is cold to the touch I'm so scared of me . Never thought I would let myself fall so deep. Never trusted no one but you gained it all Finally I'm not afraid to fall asleep Because I lay in your arms Don't want to say goodnight yet wont give up my fight yet But I really love , I really love I'm not afraid to fall Yeah the night is a shade of off-white In comparison to my charcoaled soul. And the fire is burning in my memories I'm losing sanity, losing control. You're the one with sunflowers in his eyes moonlight in his hands, you carry sunbeams in your heart, You're the one who calms m e down when I'm afraid to let it go. I'm drowning in someone elses tears catching and crawling on their fears. It's like I'm alw